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Ahhh ! You are a curious little one !

Nicolas Ouimet, Mortgage Broker

Curiosity is a good quality, as is the thirst for learning, understanding and discovery. So welcome to my "About" page!

Let me introduce myself: Nicolas Ouimet, YOUR mortgage broker.

It all started in 2016 when it was time for me to buy my first house. When it came to financing, I had a terrible experience due to the lack of knowledge of the mortgage advisor we met at the branch. Whenever I thought about my loan, I was disappointed.

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Three years passed during which I did several training courses in real estate investment, two major projects carried out in Montreal (commonly called flips) and, having toured the field of civil engineering, I finally found my own way. All my passions are definitely united in the field of mortgage brokerage.


Guide you through the MOST IMPORTANT transaction in your LIFE and make this experience is positive and rewarding. I look forward to putting my knowledge to YOUR contribution.

I also found important to get involved in an organization in order to give to the next, so I am a proud partner of the MS Society of Canada. Multiple sclerosis is a cause that affects me directly, since my mother was diagnosed almost eight years ago. She has to live with the repercussions of this degenerative disease every day.

A little extra about me : I'm a young man in my thirties with a fantastic woman and father of a wonderful little boy. Construction engineer and civil engineering technician, I am continuously training in order to offer you the best services . Go take a look at my training tab if your thirst for curiosity is not still quenched.

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My resume

|       Impact of the credit report on the financial health

|       Economic and real estate market update

|       Selling in 2020 - a new approach

|       Mortgage Broker License

|       General Contractors License (RBQ)

|       Mentoring from Flip Académie

|       Coaching & mentoring (QC Real Estate Investors Club)

|       Short program in financial engineering

|       Bachelor in Construction Engineering

|       Technical in civil engineering

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