100  % free service

The banks pay us when the loan is disbursed. So, it's in my interest if your demand succeeds.

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What are the advantages of using the services of a mortgage broker?

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1. 100 % free service

The banks pay us when the loan is disbursed. So, I have every advantage in having your file work.

2. You talk with more than 15 financial institutions in a single meeting

I have access to several products in each institution depending on your needs.

3. Invaluable time and money savings

Imagine making an appointment with several banks to see what they can offer you. Let me shop for you.

4. Your credit report is only checked once

If you shop around, every institution will check your credit rating, which is really not desirable.

5. Best rate on the market

I have access to broker rates that you cannot get by yourself. I also work with virtual lenders and some only deal with mortgage brokers.

6. I work in your interest

Since I am not affiliated with any bank, I work according to your needs and in your interest.

7. Available 7 days a week

My working hours are much longer than those of large financial institutions. This ensures that you have your questions answered when you need them.

8. One specialty: MORTGAGE

I only do mortgages and update my skills in this area continuously.

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